Sunday, March 26, 2017

Writing Challenge from Thomas Kinkade Deck

Beauty is found in anything that delights the senses, nourishes the Soul, fires the imagination. - TK

A. What was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
B. Name five beautiful things.
C. Name a beautiful sight, a beautiful smell, and a beautiful sound.
D. Can you see anything beautiful within sight of you now? Name it.

Nurture - Word of the Year

How have I nurtured myself in March?

I have spent time outside enjoying the air and mixing with people after a winter of near confinement.

I have spent time with my son and his two oldest children, once a week and it has been super.

I have travelled and seen some things I have not seen before.

I have showered a few times (trust me that is something worth saying for me).

I have spend time chatting with my neighbours. I have also gone with one of them on a trip to a reserve for cigarettes. (baby steps there but I am doing it)

I indulged myself by purchasing the pieces for two new crafts, I made a yarn wreathe and I have a weaving frame on which I made a mug rug.

I purchased a lot of vegetables and actually ate quite healthy this month, though giving up sugar for lent hasn't worked quite right I have managed to cut way back. I find as long as I have fruit I do not miss it as much.

How about you? Have you nurtured yourself? Tell me about it!

Oracle Says: Synchronicity

dance with the magical movement of spirit

Dance with spirit. Spirit is a talented and remorseless companion. She is the part of you which loves life and drags you with her to the newest most exciting thing in your world. She presses you to join in even when you are sure you have neither the energy nor the desire to do so. And you know what she is usually right.

Synchronicity is the coming together of disparate elements to form a new and interesting whole. Be it becoming part of a social group of like minded individuals or joining in to save the trees because it means the whole world will be better for it.

The magical movement of spirit is what guides us to speak with a stranger so that we and they feel less alone, (though I seldom think about that it is just interesting to talk to someone I haven't met yet). It is the spirit that moves us to seek the other, be it in church or in other belief systems. It is our need to belong to belong somewhere or some how. We all have that need though some of us would rather not admit it even to ourselves.

Embrace the dance and join in the world in some little way. Even if that little way is just to go outside our home and speak with someone new.

Friday, March 24, 2017

20 Questions

  • What country, city, state do you live in now? Have you always lived there? Where did you live before?
I currently live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. I have not always lived here, I was raised northeast of here in and around Buckhorn. Since I left home I have been to British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec and have also lived in Toronto and Hamilton here in Ontario
  • Do you have a nickname or nicknames and do you still use it/them? What is/are your nickname(s)?
I have several nicknames a couple I still use. My first nickname was Cherylann it is what all of my older relatives called me. My dad nicknamed me little iodine after a cartoon girl who was always getting into mischief and my mother called me Charlie for reasons I do not wish to share. My first husband called me gypsy rose and when I got on the internet I christianed myself Wildchild. A couple of friends also called me Cher after my favorite celebrity. These days I use Wildchild on swap-bot and Cherylann most everywhere else
  • Are you in a relationship, engaged, single, married, widowed, divorced or it's complicated? Do you have a large or small family?
My current relationship is complicated we were never formally married but we were married in our own minds. I left after seven years to pursue a job, when I came back we tried to make it work but it just wasn't in the cards. We still consider ourselves married but we reside in different cities and thus different homes.
  • When is your birthday and how did you celebrate your last birthday?
I am an October child and I did not celebrate my last birthday beyond gifts from my children and my partner
  • Did you do well in school? How far did you go in school? Do you have a degree? What type of degree do you have?
I was a straight 60%er (c student) mainly because I just didn't work hard at school. I have received a couple of certificates but not an actual degree as I never finished college, never got to university.
  • Where have you traveled to? Which place was your favorite? Is there a place that you would like to travel to?
As I stated above I have been to British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, I have never been out of Canada. I would go back to B.C. in a heartbeat if I could. I am hopeful I will get to see Paris, France around my 60th birthday. That is the place that is at the top of my bucket list though I would not be adverse to a tour of Europe and Asia.
  • What hobbies do you have? What is your favorite hobby?
I collect e-books, embroider, write a blog and several other things. Mostly stuff you can do by yourself. My favorite hobby is collecting books. I want a full e-library of every title I have ever read or want to read.
  • What crafts do you do? What is your favorite craft?
I do many crafts, currently I am concentrating on ATC's but could switch to knitting, weaving, miniatures, dollmaking or a number of paper related crafts should the mood cease me. I don't have a favorite craft though I used to love knitting before my hands began to go bad.
  • What is/are your favorite color(s)?
I have three favorite colours: Red, Purple and Green
  • What type of music do you enjoy? Who are your favorite musical artists?
I like all kinds of music and my favourite musical artists are Cher, Meatloaf and Simon & Garfunkle
  • Do you enjoy reading? What type of reading do you enjoy? Who are your favorite authors?
I read a lot, a book a day if I can. My favorite genre is fantasy, (the unicorn kind not the other one), science fiction and cozy mysteries. My favorite author of all time is Piers Anthony followed closely by Spider Robinson and Anne McCaffrey
  • What types of foods do you enjoy? What is your favorite food? What foods do you dislike? 
I like all kinds of food and my favorite is anything with pasta and /or shrimp in it. I dislike Octopus and squid and all those other sea animals that taste rubbery
  • What is the strangest food that you have ever tried?
Escargot and I only ever tried it once
  • Do you have any pets? Tell me about them.
I do not currently have any pets.
  • What type of movies do you enjoy? What are some of your favorite movies? Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?
I like a good action movie like Terminator or the Matrix. A good comedy when I need a laugh, I love Madea. I do not have any favorite actresses or actors at the moment, most of the ones I liked are deceased now.
  • What are your favorite holidays? Do you have a holiday experience that you would like to share?
Christmas used to be my favourite but these days I think I like Easter better. Nothing to tell.
  • What type of television shows do you enjoy? What are some of your favorite television shows?
I don't watch TV like most people. I tend to binge watch shows. Currently I am watching House.
  • How did you spend your summers when you were a child? How do you spend them now? Do you have any special summer plans?
Summer was swimming and camping, marshmallow roasts and spending time with my family. These days I don't do much, mainly stay inside to escape the heat. This summer my partner and I are planning on exploring Toronto and area in a series of road trips.
  • Is there anyone special who you lost touch with and later reconnected with them? Tell me about it.
An old friend or two have come back into my life over the last year. There isn't much to tell, I connected with them on FB then IRL.
  • How do you deal with stress? Is there something special that you like to do that helps you deal with stress?
I avoid stress as much as possible. If I do feel stressed I watch a movie or read a book.
  • Do you have any special holiday plans coming up? What holiday are these plans for? Are you going out of town or staying home?
No holiday plans exactly, I want to get all my grandchildren together and have a painting party but it hasn't gone beyond the thinking stage yet.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Do More Art PROJECT ~(^.^~) *March*

This Month I am thinking about creating a abstract weaving using art fibers and completing the fashion doll I didn't get to last month

I haven't done any weaving since public school so I had to begin at the beginning  with a weaving frame and a very basic mug rug. I have begun the abstract weaving, It is about the same place as the mug rug on the loom in the first image.

That fashion doll is still waiting for me to get to it, instead I focused on making my first yarn wreath. It is just a simple wrap right now because I am not sure what kind of decoration I will be adding to it as yet. That is what the felt is for. I will post the finished item when they are complete.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

~ Random ASS Survey #2 ~

What are you afraid of? I fear very little but my biggest fear is to end up without my memory.
Have you ever been searched by the cops? Me personally no but I have had my house searched
Do you close your eyes on roller coasters? I don't do roller coasters any more but when I did I didn't close my ideas
Strangest place you've gotten laid? In a park at night.
When's the last time you've been sledding? Not for 20 years since my kids were little
Would you rather fall sleep with someone else, or alone in bed? I really like having my whole bed to myself
Do you believe in ghosts or poltergeists? I believe in ghosts not so sure about poltergeists.
What is your favorite song right now? My favorite song right now is, you know I don't really have a favorite song just a favorite genre which is old rock and roll
Do you consider yourself creative? I do consider myself creative. I like to knit and paper crafts.
Do you think O.J. was innocent or guilty? I never thought about it.
Do you care about any celebrity gossip? I don't pay attention to gossip.
Can you honestly say you know ANYTHING about politics? I know nothing about politics
Do you play poker? I do not play poker.
Have you ever been awake for more than 36 hours straight? No I have not most times I can't even make it 24 hours
Do you have a favorite commercial? I do not watch TV so I  don't have one.
Do you remember the name of your first love, and if so who? My first love was called Buff and I was in first grade.
If you're driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around you, do you run a red light? I would not run a red light.
Do you have a secret that no one knows but you? I do but I am not going to share it.
Are you into sports, and if so do you have a favorite team? I am not interested in sports.
Have you ever been streaking? No
How often do you remember your dreams? Not so much anymore I used to.
What's the one thing on your mind right now? Getting better I've been sick the last couple of days.
Do you have a favorite restaurant? I like A & W and Red Lobster
What talent do you wish you had? I wish I were able to focus really well and get things done.
What is your best feature/talent? I am a good listener.
Do you like sushi, and if so what is your favorite? I love sushi I like anything with salmon in it.
What do you wear to bed? I don't wear anything to bed, I always feel like I'm chocking if I wear clothes to bed
Favorite TV show? Right now I am into House.
If you could sleep with one famous person, who would it be? Michael Landon
Do you know anyone in jail? I know a few friends of my son are there right now.
How often do you drink [alcohol]? Not at all It makes me sick.
What food do you find disgusting? I try a lot of different foods some are good some not so good but disgusting would be raw octopus
Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back? No I don't it is rude.
Have you ever been in a fight? Once or twice mostly to defend myself
Do you believe in angels or demons? I am not  sure but I hope so
Favorite color? Green
What is your favorite store to shop at? Talize and ValuVillage
What's the worst thing you've done and gotten away with? Nothing that I'm willing to share.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

101 Things Progress- February 2017

Link to my full list: Day Zero List

My start date: January 20 2017

My end date: October 18, 2019

  • Total number of goals completed: 7
  • Number of goals completed this month: 7

  • Total number of goals in progress:
  1. Complete a 365 day photo challenge 5/52 weeks The completed photo spreads are: Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4; Week 5
  2. Read 26 books I've never read whose authors last name starts with a different letter of the alphabet 1/26 Letter A complete; Letter B check March Reading list
  3. Read 150 books in 2017 using PopSugar and other Reading Challenges plus GoodReads to track it 21/150 IP
  4. Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet 6/26 The list of movies I've watched are on this page: Movies A to Z
  5. See 10 classic movies I've never seen 3/10 These are marked on the Movie list
  6. Watch a movie from every year I've been alive 24/56 Refer to Movie List 
  7. Listen to a new artist every month 2/12
  8. Complete a 'Walk To Mordor' challenge ( It’s 1779 miles (2863 km) from the Shire to Mordor following Frodo and Sam’s journey.) 3.5 km/2863 KM 
  9. Watch 200 Movies 24/200
  10. Design Altered Fashion Doll- Winter and create it
  11. Create a budget and stick to it
  12. Don't eat sugar for a week (5th-11th) Giving up sugar for Lent
  13. Whiten my teeth
  14. Create a Zen Garden
  • Number of goals in progress worked on this month: 11

  • List and description of goals I've completed this month:
  1. Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind"  This was part of a swap and was not easy to complete but I did manage to complete it. The post with my answers is here
  2. Go to the dentist for a check up Had an appointment on Feb 3rd. I need to go get the work done but put it off for a bit
  3. Design and create a Zen Garden You can find the results here
  4. Go on a road trip On Sunday February 26th we traveled from Toronto to Peterborough via London and Midland
  5. No Spend Month February Challenge was not a complete failure but I did spend money I should not have near the beginning of the month and one small order to Amazon near the end of the month but no Wish or Ebay
  6. Wear nothing black for a whole week This goes with the next one and I will add the story of that week later on this week.
  7. Wear a skirt or dress everyday for a week  See above
  • List and description of goals I've made progress on this month but haven't finished yet: 
Altered Fashion doll - In progress but incomplete because about half way through the month I decided to go with old man winter instead of a winter goddess so I have to redo the design

  • List and description of goals I've abandoned/failed this month: Failed the no-Spend part of the month but not until the last week of February. Made it through 3 weeks though!

  • List of goals I hope to work on/complete next:
No sugar for a week
Add another 15 books by the end of March to my current total of 21
Add two more letters to the Movies A-Z
Add at least one more classic movie
Listen to a new music artist
Add another 5 km to my Walk to Mordor
Take a photo of the same place every month for year Choosing the place and taking my first photo
Take a photo for every letter of the alphabet. Hope to complete this in one month

  • Your favorite goal worked on this month: Of all of them I have to say the road trip was the most fun even if I was exhausted afterwards

Thursday, March 2, 2017

ESG: My favourite picture of the month Febuary

I have been wanting a loft bed since I moved here so for my gift to myself for Valentines I bought one from Wayfair. It is not set up the way I wanted it to be as of yet but it works for now. Later I will rearrange the bottom so that it is a seating area and sleep up top. Soon at I figure out how to make it not so wobbly.
My Valentine Gift to myself

I love the look of this Garden on this rainy day. It is spectacular in spring and summer but right now it has a surreal kind of beauty which is peaceful

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Something that made me happy in February


It is the only thing I can think to call it. It was 684 km and lasted from 9:30 AM to 8 PM.

We left my boyfriends house in Scarborough and grabbed gas and breakfast at a local gas station/Tim Horton's. We traveled to London with only one stop for a bathroom.

Once we picked up my niece from her home for the last six months we stopped at an A & W for lunch. Sadly I never wrote down Tori's address in London though I know it was off Highbury. We spent most of the meal discussing what would happen next for her. She had not been ready for college and had failed the first semester so she was headed home.

After lunch we hit the road again this time headed North on the 401 to Midland which is where Tori's mom lives. I slept part of the way while Rob and Tori talked. It was not a conversation I could have helped with and the long hours of driving were starting to tell.

We stopped somewhere, another Tim Hortons between London and Midland so that Rob could rest his hands a bit. At this point he had been driving for nearly five hours with only a couple of small breaks. Neither Tori nor I drive so we could not spell him.

After the rest stop we continued on to my sisters home. We visited for a bit while Rob worked on Tori's laptop. It was just before sunset when we left. We stopped for gas and then drove straight through to Peterborough. At that point we just wanted to go to bed.

We stopped at Popeye's Chicken and got dinner then went to my place. Rob had to be back in Toronto the following afternoon but had enough of driving for the day so he stayed over.

The next time I go on a long trip like that I am going to take photos and collect souvenirs. Oh and stop a lot more often to take a look around. For my first really long trip in a couple of years it wasn't as tiring as I had thought it would be but I was still very glad to get back home.

The best part of the trip for me was seeing the land as our directions changed and catching a glimpse of the land changes from nearly spring to deep winter and back again. I would have liked to stop in some of the small towns and villages we passed but we were on a tight schedule. Next time!