About Me

My name is Cherylann Marois kinda, Cherylann is what all of my aunts and uncles called me though on my birth certificate it is written as two names. My closest friends call me Cher which is fine with me I adore her work. To most everyone else I am Cheryl.

I was born on October 7th, 1960 at approx five PM. I never asked mom and all dad said was that she missed dinner, since dinner is usually served at six PM  I figure I was born around five and she spent an hour or two recovering from the drugs they gave her to ease the labor pains, it was 1960 after all.

I am the oldest of six though one was stillborn. I have two brothers and two sisters. If I refer to them in anyway in my writing I will probably use their nicknames Junior, Frankenstein, Pete and Sam. Me I was Charlie, my mother had an interesting sense of humor.

I call myself a survivor though my doctor says I didn't survive I just continue to exist. The first incident of  incest/pedophilia occurred when I was three. Between three and fifteen I was to be sexually abused four more times

I have been emotionally/mentally abused most of my life starting with a cold mother and a drunken father and continuing into all of my relationships to date, though the Professor isn't as bad as Kisa was and Kisa was nowhere as bad as Back.

Lastly I have been physically abused though to be honest only twice in my life that I remember. Once when my mother beat me black and blue at 11 and again in my 20's when my then partner tried to choke me. I am told that my father used to hit me but I honestly do not remember that.

I am a recovering alcoholic and a reformed smoker. And though it was never diagnosed as such I believe I am a recovering sex addict. I have suffered from depression most of my life and it was that that lead me to first poetry and then crafts and finally knitting.

Still with me? Good! I know that is a lot of negatives and by no means is that all of them but I want to think about pleasant things for a bit. I have two children if I refer to them in my writing it is usually as Nessa and Brat, while they were young they brought a lot of love and light into my dark world, still do now that they have both passed the thirty mark.

Nessa has three children, a daughter (Sarebear) and two sons Draker and Bud. Bud is about 5 years old now and  Draker  is just a bit over seven he is also know as Mr Destructo as he is pretty rambunctious. Sarebear has just turned eighteen.

The brat has four child a 15 year old daughter who we call Princess, she is the only girly girl in our family, Princess in training is 4, his son is 3 and the baby is 11 months

I know this is not the story that you expected to see here but I hope it helps you to know me better.


  1. Wow what a life and it is wonderful that you share your story with others. Too many people keep things 'quiet' and only to realize later in life that 'oh, yeah, i never told you...but...' kinda stuff. Bless you in your strength in Courage in this journey of life.

    leecytx from swap-bot

  2. This is a good blog entry. I've wanted to say what I feel and your blog encourages me. Thank you. earthnk swapbot

  3. This is a good blog entry. I've wanted to say what I feel and your blog encourages me. Thank you. earthnk swapbot

  4. It's absolutely strong how you can tell your story. I am proud of you that you made it this far!
    Unfortunately a lot of facts of your life we have in common :(
    I am looking forward to the day I can share my story with other people! For now, it's too hard to talk about.

    Jadelynn from swap-bot.

    (I don't really have a blogspot account so I could only comment with this blog, but it's not actually used :-)